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After making my last post all of 15 minutes ago, I realized what I needed to do in order to energize myself about blogging regularly: chronicle what I am doing.

I know. Everyone does that. And honestly, this is no different than what is already being done, but we all have to start somewhere and I am starting with my own epiphany.

So what is the plan for today? Well, here is the laundry list:

  1. Submit talk(s) to B-Sides San Antonio (
  2. Update my website.
  3. Create a personal GitHub repo for storing docs and code.
  4. Create 3 unique tweets.

So, the first two are done. Sort of. I have submitted two talks for B-Sides. The first is Sacred Beavers which discusses those processes that people believe increase productivity but actually slow it down considerably. The second is called Get Angry and is similar but from a different perspective. It revolves around the idea that so many people in the tech industry accept hindrances as normal and never speak up about how it affects their work. The Call For Papers (CFP) ends today and hopefully I will hear something by May 1st.

As for the website, well, that is what I am doing right now. There are some under-the-hood projects that I need to start outlining, but for the most part I have got this site back up and running. Eventually, I would like to learn enough HTML and CSS to move off of WordPress and manage everything myself, but for now this is probably the best way to go.

Number 3 is not that hard to accomplish, but it is part of a larger project. I enjoy documenting processes. I have no idea why, but I like writing detailed methods for getting tasks done. Currently, I am trying to find the motivation to learn how to write in a language (Python, Go, Ruby, Pig Latin, anything) and then document the entire process in a method that makes it easy for others to learn. Yeah, rewriting the wheel, but I am hoping to get some practice AND learn how to code/program at the same time.

The fourth is probably the hardest for me. I know it shouldn’t be, but I feel I should have something important to say before I tweet it. I just don’t have that internal desire to tell everyone that I am going to store or I stubbed my toe. Finding that “mojo” that makes one want to use Twitter is what I have to dig down and search for within my own mind. Who knows? Maybe there is some deep thoughts I can impart with the world. Or just shout about random things.

I am starting to look into a community called Write The Docs ( and if anyone knows more about them or is/has been involved with them, I am interested in talking to you. My email and Twitter handle are at the bottom of the page. Reach out to me!

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